About Anu Energy Snacks

Jess created Anu Energy Snacks as an energy-sustaining treat to fit her holistic yoga lifestyle, and her love for delicious things. It was extremely important that the bars satisfy both inner body and tastebuds. 

Never a fan of supplements or protein powders, Jess tried many recipes until she found just the right one, the perfect combination of real ingredients, with flavour variations to keep things fun. 

After all, healthy snacks should still taste like snacks.

Available at these locations

Ahimsa Yoga Centre, Toronto
Ahimsa Yoga Centre, Whitby
Moksha Yoga, North York
Moksha Yoga, Thornhill
Moksha Yoga, Downtown Toronto
Moksha Yoga, Markham (Highway 7 location)
Moksha Yoga, Markham (Birchmount location)
Uptown Brie, Toronto
Moksha Yoga, Pickering